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Rural Aging Resources

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A Guide for Funders

The GIA Rural Aging Initative can help funders get started in rural aging by connecting them with peer organizations and other potential partners already active in the field and  providing actionable ideas and information. 

Below are links to information on foundations and government agencies that support rural aging initiatives, as well as issue-specific pages with curated resources for funders about rural aging issues.

Funders Active in Rural Aging

Foundations: This page details funders supporting and participating in programs relating to rural aging, and offers examples of existing initiatives and funding opportunities.

Government Agencies: This page discusses the various government agencies that can be strong partners for funders interested in many aspects of rural aging. 

Rural Aging Issues

The pages below provide a quick overview of a wide range of rural aging issues and how to get started funding solutions. 

Books, Research, and News: Where to find current news, academic reports, and trends related to rural America.

Health: Resources to address the closing of rural hospitals and access to healthcare, plus nutrition, mental health, and substance abuse.

Housing: Increasing availability of affordable, accessible housing and supporting aging in place.

Immigrants and Special Populations: Addressing special populations' unique challenges and needs, based on demographics and local economies.

Poverty/Economic Security: Research on demographics and solutions to alleviate poverty and associated problems.

Social Services: Ideas for securing home and community-based services, aging in place, and long-term care, plus services for veterans, especially when traditional services are out of reach.

Technology: Resources to increase connectivity and bridge the information divide.

Transportation: Centers and model programs providing transportation to meet social, medical, and day-to-day needs.