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Conference Highlights 2012

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Grantmakers in Aging 2012 Annual Conference

Last October, Grantmakers In Aging (GIA) gathered for its 2012 Annual Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, a city chosen because of its active interest in the well-being of older adults. The theme of last year’s conference called for a broad assessment: Is This What CHANGE Feels Like? The State of Aging in America.

Today’s older adults face difficult changes in the economy, medical care, social services, government programs, public infrastructure—the list goes on. Does this mean the types of grantmaking we’ve done in the past are no longer relevant? Funding programs in healthy behaviors—eating right, staying active, not smoking, and getting regular health care—is still essential, but so is funding access to transportation, community-based services, and appropriate housing. What is the point of saying that diet and exercise are important in a neighborhood where you can’t buy fresh produce and the streets are unsafe to walk?

In response to these and other similar questions, the 2012 conference offered 16 informative sessions and panel discussions that addressed a wide span of issues, ranging from aging in place to elder abuse, from affordable housing to the Affordable Care Act. This year, for the first time, we present highlights of those sessions online. Click on the links below for brief reviews of each presentation, PowerPoint presentations, ideas for funding, resources, and contact information.

  1. Aging in Place
  2. BOOMER Entrepreneurs
  3. Elder Abuse and Neglect
  4. Evidence-based Programs for Older Adults
  5. Aging in Community
  6. Foreclosure and Homelessness
  7. GIA Fellows
  8. GPS for Health
  9. Intergenerational Communities
  10. Learning from EngAGEment
  11. Older Adults and Economic Security
  12. Returning Seniors to the Community
  13. Support, Evaluate, Replicate
  14. Sustainability
  15. The Affordable Care Act
  16. The Best of Cleveland
  17. The Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence
  18. The GIA Diversity Award
  19. Acknowledgements

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