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Annual Conference 2019

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National Program Committee

The following GIA members are contributing significant portions of their time and talent to make this conference possible.


Terry Fulmer
President, The John A. Hartford Foundation
New York, NY


Erin Westphal
Program Officer, The SCAN Foundation
Long Beach, CA

Rani Snyder
Program Director The John A. Hartford Foundation
New York, NY

Scott Bane
Program Officer, The John A. Hartford Foundation
New York, NY


Zane Bail
Director of Development and Special Projects, Northland Foundation
Duluth, MN 55802

Jay Bethke
Director of Foundations, Good Samaritan Foundation
Sioux Falls, SD 

Kimberly Blakemore
Program Officer, Tufts Health Plan Foundation
Watertown, MA

Andrew Levack
Senior Program Officer, Healthy Aging, St. David’s Foundation
Austin, TX

Paul Nebenzahl
Interim Executive Director, The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation
Evanston, Illinois

Candace Robinson
Director of Strategic Aging Initiatives, Capital Impact
Arlington, VA 22202

Jolene Fassbinder
Program Officer, Archstone Foundation
Long Beach, CA 

Kelly LaFlamme
Program Director, Endowment for Health
Concord, NH

Katie Midgley
Director of Research and Evaluation, Plough Foundation
Memphis, TN

Stephanie A. Raneri
Executive Director, Isaac H. Tuttle Fund
New York, NY

Tanya Shah
Senior Program Officer, Delivery System Reform, The Commonwealth Fund
New York, NY 


Maria Gonzales Jackson
Director of Programs and Membership, Grantmakers In Aging
Arlington, VA 22202

Amy Karimipour
President, AK Consulting Group
Tallahassee, FL


Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.