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Community AGEnda

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Great places to grow up and grow old

Community AGEnda: Great places to grow up and grow old. What's good for older adults is usually good for people of all ages. Older adults have a lot to offer their communities. Being age-friendly means being a great place to grow up and grow old.

Most people would like to age in place, near the people and activities that are important to them. Unfortunately, many communities are not prepared for an aging population.

Since 2012, GIA has been pleased to partner with the Pfizer Foundation on Community AGEnda, an age-friendly initiative to help communities become great places to grow up and grow old. In October 2014, the Pfizer Foundation made a renewal grant of $1.49 million to help GIA and its Community AGEnda partners continue this work for a third year.

Community AGEnda has made grants to five communities to accelerate their age-friendly work. You can explore videos about their work on our GIA YouTube channel.

We've also created age-friendly resources to help funders, nonprofits, governments, planners, and citizens, including a searchable database of age-friendly programs across America, infographics showing what an age-friendly community can look like and offering a conceptual blueprint for interested communities. We've created an overview of the state of the age-friendly movement and compiled some of the best tools and resources for assessing communities and moving forward. 

This short video explains what Community AGEnda is all about. 


These short documents outline the work of Community AGEnda and GIA.


Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.