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About Community AGEnda

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A partnership between GIA and the Pfizer Foundation

Community AGEnda is helping communities become more age-friendly -- great places to grow up and grow old. With funding from the Pfizer Foundation, we are are entering our third year of age-friendly work. 

Learn more about the five communities we are helping as they accelerate their efforts to become more age-friendly, find details about the program in this Q&A about Community AGEnda, and news about the program and its grantees on our News page

We've also created a host of resources that can help any community get started or accelerate their own work. 

This Community AGEnda video shows what age-friendly work can look like in practice, and you can also find videos about the work of the sites on our GIA YouTube page


"Supporting age-friendly development is a natural role for
local philanthropies because of their unique knowledge of
the people and particular needs of their own regions.”

- John Feather, PhD, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging


Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.