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Community AGEnda resources

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Community AGEnda is GIA's age-friendly initiative, funded by the Pfizer Foundation. We've created a number of resources, including original reports, visuals such as photos and infographics, and information tools that can help any community get started or accelerate their efforts to become more age-friendly. 


"The Case for Age-Friendly Communities" explores the economic, social, and personal benefits of making a community more age-friendly. Take a look at the Executive Summary on page i.

John Feather's Huffington Post blog about Making the Economic Case for Age-friendly Communities.

Webinar (recorded July 2016) on Making the Economic Case for Age-friendly Communities

"Guiding Principles for the Sustainability of Age-Friendly Community Efforts" is a working document from Community AGEnda to help communities design and conduct their age-friendly work in ways that last. 

For an overview of the age-friendly movement, explore Age-Friendly Communities, The movement to create great places to grow up and grow old in America: An introduction for private and public funders.


Community AGEnda's toolkit, Talking About Age-Friendly Communities can help you create more effective messages, shape brochures, and frame public communications campaigns.  

You can also turn to Aging Power Tools: A curated selection of resources to promote stronger, age-friendly communities. Based on a broad web review and GIA's experience in the field, this toolkit offers a practical framework and a wealth of materials from top practitioners that funders, local governments, and community groups can use to move ahead.

Explore Age-friendly America, our searchable database of more than 200 programs, to find out what's going on in your area and nationwide.


What does an age-friendly community look like? We asked that question in our  "Friendly Places, Friendly Faces" photo contest. See some of the best answers in this new infographic. Learn more about the contest and see all the winners here

Our infographic, Blueprint for Success, shows would-be age-friendly communities where to start.  


Find the latest age-friendly news in our e-newsletter, GREAT PLACES.


Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.