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Friendly Places, Friendly Faces
A photo contest about age-friendly communities
January 31 - March 31, 2014

Judges Panel


Anne Basting

Anne Basting is an educator, scholar, and artist. Her work focuses on using the arts to improve quality of life for communities and individuals, especially those in long term care.

Basting was Founding Director of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Center on Age and Community, is currently a professor in the UWM Department of Theatre, and directs the TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Project, which she founded in 1998. She holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota and a Masters in Theatre from the University of Wisconsin.


Chester Higgins

Chester Higgins uses his camera to wrestle with issues of memory, place, and identity. He sees his life as a narrative and his photography as its expression.

Since 1975, Higgins has been a staff photographer for The New York Times. He is the author of several photo collections, including Elder Grace: The Nobility of Aging. His work has appeared in a wide variety of art, history, and news publications—as well as over 100 solo exhibitions—and is the topic of two PBS films.


Julie Turkewitz

Julie Turkewitz is a New York-based freelance photographer and journalist working primarily for The New York Times.

Previously, Turkewitz wrote about AIDS and homelessness for the non-profit Housing Works. In 2013, she was a recipient of a fellowship from the Open Hands Initiative, which permitted her to travel to Myanmar to report on the nation's nascent labor rights movement. She is a strong supporter of visual journalism.


Debra Whitman

Debra Whitman is an economist and policy expert whose career has been dedicated to solving problems that affect older adults' economic and health security.

Whitman is AARP’s Executive Vice President of Policy, Strategy and International Affairs. Previously, she worked for the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging as Staff Director and for the Congressional Research Service as Specialist in the Economics of Aging. Whitman holds a master’s and doctorate in economics from Syracuse University.



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