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#GenTogether "selfie" contest

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Meet the winners of the 2015 #GenTogether "selfie" photo contest, part of GIA and Community AGEnda’s age-friendly initiative. 

Why a "selfie" campaign? Life moves fast and often we don't really connect with the people around us, particularly people of different ages. Loneliness and social isolation have been proven to be bad for our health, both mental and physical. Social connections and interactions, on the other hand, promote good health and wellbeing. Taking a selfie can't change the world, but it can create a fun and meaningful moment of connection.

Almost 200 #GenTogetherselfie photos were submitted from around the world, through email and social media channels. 

And the Winners Are...

Category 1 (Best Overall Photo)
Robyn Ratcliff, Kansas City, MO











Category 2 (Best Story - Tie)
John-Clark Levin, Cambridge, MA.  I support Grantmakers
in Aging. With my grandmother starting pre-K (1994),
and grad school (2013).












Kelly Fields, Philadelphia, PA. My 92 year old grammy’s
first selfie! Spending time with her, my aunt Rita,
and uncle Wes, in Philly.














Category 3 (Best Multigenerational Photo)
Anne Choate, Chestnut Hill, PA












How #GenTogether worked:

Participants were asked to: 

  • Invite at least one person from a different generation to be in a selfie or regular photo. It could be a neighbor, grandparent, child or grandchild, student, caregiver, or anyone older (or younger) than them.
  • Take the selfie or regular photo. (You could also use one you already had on your phone or computer if you liked.)
  • Write a sentence or two to tell us about who's in the photo and what's happening.
  • Post the selfie on social media, and remember to include the hashtag #GenTogether.
  • See sample social media posts here.

Twitter: Tweet photo and story with the #GenTogether hashtag. Follow up with another tweet to mention your friends (use @ and their name to tag them) and encourage them to post a photo of their own.

Instagram: Post photo, and include the story and the hashtag #GenTogether in the caption or comments. Tag friends in the post and encourage them to post a photo of their own.

Email: If you don't do social media, e-mail a selfie to us, at Selfie@GIAging.org. Add a few sentences about the people in the picture and what's going on. Encourage a friend to do the same!

Facebook: There are two options:

Option #1: Post a photo on the Grantmakers In Aging Facebook page. Include the hashtag #GenTogether, tell us your story, and tag friends in your post and encourage them to post their own photos.

Option #2: Make a public post on your own Facebook page or profile. Post your selfie to your timeline (we suggest using the "Public" setting). Include the hashtag #GenTogether and a sentence of two about what's going on in the photo. Tag friends to encourage them to post their own photos, AND tag our Facebook page  (facebook.com/GrantmakersInAging).

Ideas for getting started

Individuals can take #GenTogether photos almost anywhere, including:

  • At a family reunion or holiday gathering
  • At a mall or grocery store (make a new friend!)
  • At your child's school
  • Before or after religious services

Organizations (senior centers, youth groups, nonprofits, etc.) can take #GenTogether photos almost anywhere, including:

  • In the lunchroom
  • At a holiday party or event
  • During a day of service

Important notes

  • You must be age 13 or older to post for #GenTogether on social media.
  • Be sure everyone involved knows your selfie is for #GenTogether and is OK with you putting it online.
  • G-rated photos only, please.
  • By sending us your photo or posting it on social media with the campaign hashtag #GenTogether, you and everyone in your photo grant Grantmakers In Aging permission to use your photo for noncommercial purposes related to its mission of improving the experience of aging.

Sample social media posts

Here is a pair of sample Tweets:


Here is a sample Instagram:


Here is a sample Facebook post:


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