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For funders interested in supporting age-friendly communities

This webinar series is sponsored by Funders for Age-Friendly Communities, an initiative of Grantmakers in Aging supported by Pfizer Foundation and United Way Worldwide.  Please check back for upcoming webinars and in the meantime enjoy our Archived presentations.

Archived Webinars

Better Transportation for Older Adults
Attention, foundations or other funders, such as AAA, UJA-Federation, United Way, or government agency! Want to learn how to improve transportation for older adults in your community? Four presenters will shared their experience leveraging private and public grant dollars to cause lasting change in transportation and mobility options for older residents of differing physical abilities — from public transportation to ride shares, walking, taxis, and more. Presenters: Renee Ray of Atlanta Regional Commission; Amy St. Peter of Maricopa Association of Governments in Phoenix; Cathy Boyer-Shesol of Mid-America Regional Council in Kansas City; and Isabel Rovira of Urban Health Solutions in Miami. Moderator: John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging. Webinar date: September 28, 2015.




Finding the Best Lead Agency to Make Your Community Age-Friendly
This webinar explores several types of organizations to consider, including a larger nonprofit, a college or university, your area agency on aging, regional planning organization or other government body. The leader of a successful age-friendly initiative must have the capacity to be an action-oriented community change agent, a task-oriented coordinator, and a collaborator with many different types of stakeholders. Through this webinar learn more about the benefits and challenges with each type of potential grantee. Presenters: Cathy Boyer-Shesol from Mid-America Regional Council in Kansas City; Stephanie Firestone, Livable Communities Director, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging; Alan DeLaTorre, PhD, Age-Friendly Portland Project Manager, Portland State University, Institute on Aging; and Lindsay Goldman,LMSW, Age-Friendly New York City Project Director, New York Academy of Medicine. Moderator: John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging. Webinar date: July 9, 2015.



Sustainable Changes to Make Your Community Age-Friendly: What’s Possible?
Wondering what types of initiatives to fund that will yield enduring change that makes your community more livable for older adults? Representatives from GIA’s five Community AGEnda sites will describe how they brought about change to make their communities age-friendly for many years to come. These achievements include improvements for older adults in transportation, housing, accessible public parks with programming for older adults, and training for city councils and boards of aldermen. All the presenters' organizations have funding from both local sources and Pfizer Foundation through GIA. Presenters: Cathy Boyer-Shesol from Mid-America Regional Council in Kansas City, Kathryn Lawler from Atlanta Regional Commission, Amy St. Peter of Maricopa Association of Governments in Phoenix, Phil Stafford of University of Indiana/Indiana Grantmakers Alliance, and Peter Wood of Health Foundation of South Florida in Miami. Moderator: John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging. Webinar date: April 13, 2015. View the recording at Or view 


Age-Friendly Communities:  Which Government and Planning Organizations Should You Choose As Collaborators?  Offered by GIA's Funders for Age-friendly Communities. Few funders understand the roles of planning and government organizations, why we might want to work with them, and how to begin.  Which government bodies (municipal, county, regional) affect which types of long-term change?  e.g. zoning, transportation, planning, neighborhoods, housing, parks? Where are the opportunities for funding that will cause sustainable community improvements that benefit older adults? Speakers: Joanna Turner, Executive Director, National Association of Regional Councils; and Kathryn Lawler, Manager of the Aging and Health Resources Division, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Moderator: John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging. Webinar date: January 15, 2015. View the recording below.


To download a PDF of the slides from this webinar, please click here

Strategies and Tactics for Selling the Benefits of an Age-Friendly Community 
On November 18, 2014, GIA's Funders for Age-friendly Communities held our first webinar, which you can view any time at Topic: How could you encourage your community to become more age-friendly? Examine potential target audiences, methods and messages that motivate organizations capable of sustainable change (like local government, regional planners, retail businesses, and others), and learn about communication strategies. Speakers: John Beilenson, communications consultant to funders and President of SCP (Strategic Communications and Planning); and Cathy Boyer-Shesol, Project Manager at Mid-America Regional Council, a metropolitan planning organization. Moderator: John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers In Aging.


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