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ReFraming Aging

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ReFraming Aging and Ageism videos

Want to know more about ReFraming Aging and what you'll gain from communications training? Explore this series of brief video lectures from the FrameWorks Academy. 

The ReFraming Aging and Ageism series will give you a guided tour of how to use new, evidence-based framing strategies to communicate more powerfully about aging as a social policy issue.

The videos are free but require registration, as follows: 
1. Click HERE to “purchase” the course (for no cost).

2. Click "Add to Cart” then "Check Out."

3. Enter a billing address then click "Continue to Payment Method" but don’t worry -- there is no charge and the system will remind you that you don’t need to pay. No credit card information required.
4. After enrolling, new registrants will receive two emails: first, a message confirming the purchase, and second, an email with instructions for registering a FrameWorks Academy account. It may take up to five minutes for the system to send this second email.
5. The registration email includes a link to the FrameWorks Academy portal and instructions for creating an account.
6. Once you have an account, you can log in directly here or here.

When you're ready to explore GIA's ReFraming Aging for All training, please click here for more information. 


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