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ReFraming Aging

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ReFraming Aging for All: GIA Training

If you work on behalf of older people, you know it can be difficult to get your message out. 

There's a better way to talk about older people. ReFraming Aging can help. 

This new approach, developed by the renowned FrameWorks Institute and based on social science research techniques, can help you change the conversation, be more persuasive, and influence public understanding to create a more just, inclusive, and age-friendly society.

A series of videos produced by the FrameWorks Institute introduce the concepts and how to apply them. These are free but require registration. Click here for instructions. 

ReFraming Aging for All: Training Available

ReFraming Aging for All is a new communications training program that GIA is offering exclusively to its members.

Led by FrameWorks-certified Master Trainers, it offers a one-day, hands-on Reframing Aging communications seminar to improve approaches to writing, depicting, and talking about aging. Participants (limited to 20 total) may include trustees, senior foundation staff, communications and program officers, key grantees, local business leaders, and government officials. A half-day option is also available.

Part One: Overview and Orientation to the Reframing Aging Initiative

Using a dynamic format of audio-visual resources and interactive exercises, participants will explore questions like:

  • What is framing?
  • How does the public’s view of aging differ from yours/ours?
  • Why is this a problem?
  • What are the evidence-based narratives and approaches we can use to make our communications more effective?

Part Two: Putting Reframing Recommendations to Use

During the second half of the day, participants will work individually and in small groups with the Master Trainer to “reframe” at least one piece of organizational communication (e.g., a fact sheet, one-pager, web site text, boilerplate language, press release, etc.). Each participant will leave the seminar with at least one “reframed” communication resource.

Post Training: Participating in a Reframing Aging Community

After completing the training seminar, participants will have access to:

  • A Reframing Aging Listserv group
  • New resources or research conducted by Frameworks Institute on Reframing Aging
  • Quarterly conference/video conference calls to share success stories and discuss ways to have more collective impact on reframing aging
  • Webinars where participants can discuss their systematic approaches


To learn more about training and resources available through GIA, please contact Maria Gonzales Jackson, GIA Director of Member Services and Knowledge Management, at mgonzalesjackson@GIAging.org or 703.413.0413 x102.


The ReFraming Aging project was commissioned by the Leaders of Aging Organizations and supported by nine funders, all members of GIA. They are: AARP, Archstone Foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Endowment for Health, The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, The Retirement Research Foundation, Rose Community Foundation, and The SCAN Foundation. 


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