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Philanthropy engages society's biggest challenges and can have a powerful voice. From time to time, GIA members raise their voices through op-eds, interviews, and other media. This new space will collect and share those pieces (see below).

As a nonpartisan member-serving organization, GIA does not take or promote policy positions, but we believe that there is value in helping GIA members hear and engage one another.

GIA members, if you'd like to start a discussion thread, log in to the Member portal; then click on Policy Discussions under the Forum heading.

Published Views from GIA Members

Runaway Health Care Costs Are Steamrolling Americans
This piece in Morning Consult by Shelley Lyford, Chief Executive and President of West Health and the Gary and Mary West Foundation, offers her prespective on the continuous rise of health care costs in America and how we can make it more accessible, more affordable, and more outcomes-driven.

The High Health Cost of Social Isolation—and How to Cure It
David Blumenthal, President of the Commonwealth Fund, discusses innovative health systems and their potential to reduce social isolation, improve health and decrease costs in this Wall Street Journal blog post. 

States Fill Family Caregiver Void Left by Congress
Op-ed piece in The Hill by Rani Snyder, Program Director at The John A. Hartford Foundation.

1 million jobs on the line as Senate votes on health care
Important coverage of the issues in the Washington Post Wonkblog draws on research funded by The Commonwealth Fund and conducted by the Center for Health Policy Research at George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health. “This legislation could single-handedly put a big dent in health care job growth,” said Leighton Ku, the lead author of the report.

How to Navigate Successful Aging 
Shelley Lyford, president and CEO of West Health and the Gary and Mary West Foundation, writes that it takes work and careful planning to age successfully, emphasizing the crucial role of family caregivers and the need to improve the support they receive. 

Mr. President, come take a ride with Meals on Wheels

Ellie Hollander, president and CEO of Meals on Wheels America disagrees. Writing in the Washington Post: "In fact, we’re so certain of the difference Meals on Wheels is making that I’d like to extend a public invitation to President Trump and members of his administration to experience it firsthand: Come ride with us. Go on deliveries with our volunteers and see our work with your own eyes."

Valuing the Person, Not Just the Patient, in Health Care
Despite lots of tinkering around the edges, the way we pay for and provide health care for older adults has not kept pace with the rest of the American innovation explosion,writes Bruce Chernof, MD, President and CEO of the SCAN Foundation. It’s still operating as an acute care-centric, bricks and mortar-driven, episodic service system. He challenges the health care industrial complex and most particularly its leaders — those that design, regulate, pay for and provide services — to deliver on the promise, not just the provision, of better health and health care.

New Findings About Aging in America: The Top Hopes and Worries
Shelley Lyford, President & CEO of West Health and Gary and Mary West Foundation, writes about the findings of the West Health Institute/NORC Survey on Aging in America, one of the most comprehensive surveys on aging in America, which surveyed more than 3,000 adults. (Published in The Hufington Post, March 22, 2017)

Making Dementia Caregiving Support More Available To Those Who Need It
Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, President of The John A. Hartford Foundation, on efforts to bring evidence-based dementia support programs to the attention of social service agencies. (Published in The Huffington Post March 23, 2017)

Health Care Needs a Better System for Importing Ideas From Abroad
David Blumenthal, MD, president of The Commonwealth Fund, writes in the Wall Street Journal's "The Experts" column that, "With political winds potentially changing the U.S. health-care system—yet again—it’s tempting to look inward, rather than outward for solutions. That means opportunities may be lost to learn from innovations abroad in the delivery of health-care services." (Published in The Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2017)

Let's Work Together to Improve Care for Older Adults with Complex Needs
Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, president of The John A. Hartford Foundation, blogs about the Playbook for Better Care, which the Foundation co-funds with the Commonwealth Fund, The SCAN Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Peterson Center on Healthcare.  (Published in Health Affairs Grantwatch, February 14, 2017)

Keeping Perspective During Turbulent Times
David Blumenthal, MD, president of the Commonwealth Fund, writes that "A critical role in preserving our values and our institutions falls to nongovernmental organizations that constitute our civil society." (Published on the To the Point blog, February 7, 2017)

Medicaid block grants — bigger threat to US healthcare than ACA repeal  
by Charlotte Haberaecker, President and CEO of Lutheran Services in America, one of the largest health and human services nonprofit networks in the United States serving one in 50 Americans each year. Lutheran Services in America is an affiliate member of GIA. (Published in The Hill, February 3, 2017)

Opportunity: Improve care for Americans who need it most
by Bruce Chernof, MD, President and CEO of the SCAN Foundation. (Published January 20, 2017 in McKnight's)


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