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Welcome to GIA's Webinar page, where you'll find information on GIA's own webinar series, "Conversations with GIA," as well as some webinars from our partners and members.

Interested in viewing a webinar you missed? Locate it in this list of archived webinars (or scroll down on this page), then click on the title to open a new page to read the description and view the recording.  

"Conversations with GIA"

Watch this space for announcements about upcoming Conversations with GIA!

Other Webinars

Friday, Feb 8, 2019, 11am EST: Age-friendly housing: Promoting healthy spaces for all ages  Age-friendly environments is a global emerging trend attracting the interest of all levels of governments, industry, NGOs and academia. This webinar, hosted by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), will feature representatives from the organizations recognized in the Innovation @ Home contest (co-sponsored by WHO and GIA) and will address the following: The broader public health impact of housing on health; The WHO Housing and health guidelines (2018) Innovative housing options as a key aspect of age-friendly environments; Good practices in age-friendly housing. Presenters: Dr. Ramona Ludolph; Technical Officer, Dept of Public Health, Environmental & Social Determinants of Health, WHO; Ms Sybil Boutilier, Chair, Age Friendly Sausalito and Commissioner, Marin County Commission on Aging, California, United States; Ms Gemma Parera Álvarez, Technical Advisor, Diputació de Barcelona, (Social Welfare Department), Barcelona, Spain; and Raquel Castelo Branco, Director, Social Cohesion Department, Porto City Council, Porto, Portugal. Register at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6137348958079250177.

Blueprint for Complex Care: Opportunities for Philanthropy, April 2, 2-3pm EST - Details coming soon - save the date!

Archived Webinars

PACE 2.0: Expanding the Reach of a Proven Integrated Care Model for Older Adults

Introducing the Blueprint for Complex Care: Opportunities to Advance the Field

Integrating Nurses into Complex Care Teams

From FrameWorks to Ground Work: ReFraming Aging in Colorado and Maine

Dementia Friendly Wisconsin: Connecting Through Memory Cafes and Libraries

Geriatric Emergency Departments: Past, Present, and Future Opportunities for Engagement

"Creating an Age-friendly State: Conversations with GIA" 

Age Friendly Workforce: Preparing the Workforce to Care for Us as We Age: "Conversations with GIA"

Reframing Aging: Organizational Adoption and Integration

Complex Care: Funding Big Problems on a Small Budget

Experienced Helping Hands: Engaging Older Volunteers to Serve Children & Youth: Conversations with GIA

Reframing Aging: Research-Based Messaging Strategies for Aging Advocates & Communicators

When Hospitals Deliver More than Health Care

Social Isolation: Impact & Age-Friendly Interventions

Pay for Success: A Tool to Finance & Support Successful Aging: Conversations with GIA

A Conversation with Dr. Atul Gawande

Caregiving: What Communities Need to Know

Age-Friendly Communities & Rural America: The Transportation Challenge

Meet ACL Administrator Lance Robertson: Conversations with GIA

Better Care for Complex Needs: Priorities for the Field

Hope and Help for Those Facing Alzheimer’s Disease: New Developments in Research, Care, Support and Prevention

2017 Hurricane Season: The Effect on Older Adults & What Funders Should Know: Conversations with GIA

Measure Something, Evaluation for Everybody: Conversations with GIA

Supporting Age-Friendly Efforts at the State/Regional Level

Meeting the Health Needs of Rural Elderly: Making Use of Interactive Data Resources to Improve Health: Conversations with GIA

New Models for Senior Transportation: The Rise of the Sharing Economy: Conversations with GIA

Purposeful Aging: A Model for a New Life Course

Family Caregiving: New Horizons for Caring Across America

Fostering Dementia Friendly Communities

Improving Health Outcomes for Seniors in Rural Communities: Conversations with GIA

Age-Friendly Communities: The Economic Case: Conversations with GIA

Holocaust Survivors: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Aging in Place

Elder Economic Disparity: The Problem and Workable Approaches - "Conversations With GIA"

The Age Strong™ Initiative: A Private-Philanthropic Partnership Helping Grantmakers Increase Impact - "Conversations with GIA"

Reimagining Oral Healthcare for Our Nation's Seniors

Supporting Family Caregivers: A Look at State and National Trends - "Conversations with GIA."

Making Elder Justice a Reality: The Federal and Philanthropic Perspectives - "Conversations with GIA."

Addressing the Behavioral Health Needs of Older Adults - Co-sponsored by Grantmakers In Aging and Grantmakers in Health

Intergenerational Solutions for Building Stronger Communities

Strengthening the Gerontological Workforce - "Conversations with GIA"

Better Transportation for Older Adults

Making a Difference in Addressing the Graying of HIV and AIDS - "Conversations with GIA"

AFCC Program Strategies and Implementation – A Government Perspective

Lessons Learned in Rural Age-Friendly Communities

Helping seniors age in place: A collaboration between a local foundation, Habitat for Humanity & AARP - "Conversations with GIA"

Finding the Best Lead Agency to Make Your Community Age-Friendly

Supporting Military/Veteran Caregivers: An Aging Services Perspective - "Conversations with GIA"

Homelessness and Aging - "Conversations with GIA"

ReFraming Aging: Understanding and Changing the Way Americans Think about Aging - "Conversations with GIA"

Future of Nursing - "Conversations with GIA"

Sustainable Changes to Make Your Community Age-Friendly: What’s Possible?

Engaging decision-makers for a more sustainable Age-friendly City and Community

Age-Friendly Communities:  Which Government and Planning Organizations Should You Choose As Collaborators?

Financing Innovation - The LeverAge Program and GIA's Partnership Role - "Conversations with GIA"

Strategies and Tactics for Selling the Benefits of an Age-Friendly Community

Aging and Mental Health - "Conversations with GIA"

The Scaling Marketplace: A New Strategy Helping Funders Seeking to Achieve Large-Scale Impact - "Conversations with GIA."

How Our Eyes Age: The Impact on Everyday Life - "Conversations with GIA."

Connecting Generations Through Documentary and Intergenerational Tech Training - "Conversations with GIA."

How Do I Know What’s Right For My Community? Evidence of Effective and Replicable Age-Friendly Interventions

EngAGEment Initiative: Living Beyond Expectations - Shaping Communities for Living Longer

Why Create an Age-friendly Community? Evidence of Health and Community Improvements from Around the US - "Conversations with GIA." 

Building the Business Acumen of Community-Based Organizations for Successful Health Care Partnerships - "Conversations with GIA."

Political Environment of Age-Friendliness - "Conversations with GIA."

On Your Team - How Older Adults View Team Care and the Medical Home

Working Collaboratively to Prevent Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation - "Conversations with GIA."

Building Resilience: Older Adults, Disasters and Philanthropy - "Conversations with GIA."

Longevity is Power…Economic Power - "Conversations with GIA."

SECF EngAGEment: Bracing for the Silver Tsunami

Training the Aging Services Field to Provide LGBT-Culturally Competent Care - "Conversations with GIA."

Smashing Silos in Philanthropy: The Benefits of Multi-issue Advocacy and Organizing

The Social and Economic Value of Senior Entrepreneurship: an EngAGEment Webinar from the Southeastern Council of Foundations

Scaling-Up: Connecting Effective Nonprofits to Capital: Part 2

Scaling-Up: Connecting Effective Nonprofits to Capital: Part 1

Why the Affordable Care Act Matters to Diverse Older People - "Conversations with GIA"

Medicare at a Crossroads

Addressing the Health Needs of LGBT Elders

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Powerful Tools for Elder Economic Wellbeing: Important New Resources for Funders - "Conversations with GIA."

Strange Partnerships: Bringing Together New Resources to Meet Critical Community Needs - "Conversations with GIA"

Advanced Old Age in America: What Can We Count On?

Department of Housing and Urban Development's Policy Priority on Housing and Services: Senior Housing Strategies

The Retirement Income Crisis and Social Security: Creating Story-Warriors to Win the Fight - "Conversations With GIA"

The Transformational Power of the Arts in Healthy Aging -"Conversations With GIA"

Finding New Roles and Purpose for the Aging Network in the Age of Managed Long Term Care Services and Supports - "Conversations With GIA"

Alzheimer's: Hope for the Future: New Developments in Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

New Engines for a New Economy: Advancing 50+ Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship - "Conversations with GIA"

The Elements of Age- and Ability-Friendly Communities (Part 1)

Philanthropy Building Age- and Ability-Friendly Communities (Part 2)

Social Impact Bonds: A Model for Aligning Investment, Risk, and Outcomes - "Conversations with GIA"

Aspire Arkansas – A Statewide Indicators Report. Part of the webinar series from the Southeast Council of Foundations

Elder Abuse: How Funders Can Make a Difference

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Fostering Community Support

Perspectives from a Foundation and a Nonprofit - A Real World Example: Collaboration between Agencies in the Aging Space

Building a Movement to Transform Advanced Illness Care

Does Aging Really Count? The Plough Foundation Tells Its Story

Making Communities Age-Friendly

The Sequester: What 8% Automatic Cuts Would Mean for Aging Programs

The Boomer Explosion: A Creative Look at Aging and Communities

Tapping Mature Talent

Insights on Intergenerational Community Building - an EngAGEment webinar

The Cottages

Changes at the Administration on Aging: Impact on the Aging and Disability Networks

Diverse Elder Communities: Challenging Issues, Innovative Responses - "Conversations with GIA" 

Who Cares for Older Adults, and Who Improves and Teaches that Care? Workforce Implications for an Aging Society

Advanced Planning for Regular People

More with Less: Developing Innovative State-level Programs to Serve Older Persons in the Community

The Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act and the Federal Budget on Aging Programs: Why Philanthropy Should Care


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