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Behavioral Health Needs of Older Adults

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A webinar from Grantmakers In Aging and Grantmakers in Health

The high prevalence of behavioral health issues in the elder population is rarely discussed. Yet millions of older adults across the country have undiagnosed and untreated behavioral health needs, such as late-life depression and substance abuse, which are lowering their quality of life and overall health. This webinar looked at the important behavioral health challenges facing older adults, some of the promising practices and interventions being studied and implemented, and the opportunities for health funders to make a difference. Presenters: Ladson Hinton, MD, University of California-Davis; Paulette Parker, M.A., Williamsburg Health Foundation; and Kathryn Power, M. Ed., Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. A special thanks to our sponsors: Grantmakers In Aging and Grantmakers in Health. Webinar date: December 2, 2015. Listen to a recording of the webinar at http://www.gih.org/files/Recording.mp3.


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