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Advanced Old Age in America

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What Can We Count On?

A webinar from the Altarum Institute

Americans in advanced old age generally have complex health and social situations, limitations in self-care capabilities, and limited financial and personal resources. Yet the health and social services we need when old and frail are poorly planned, unnecessarily costly, and disconnected. As the nation considers different strategies and policy changes to strengthen and streamline health care, we must also include a special focus on the distinct priorities and preferences that we will have when we are old and frail, as well as those of our family members and caregivers. This roundtable focused on health care reform and elderly Americans living with frailty in their last years. This event was hosted by GIA, the Altarum Institute and the National Coalition on Health Care. Presenters included John Feather, CEO of GIA.Webinar date: September 26, 2013. Watch it at http://altarum.org/about/news-and-events/advanced-old-age-in-america-what-can-we-count-on.


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