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AFCC Program Strategies & Implementation

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A Government Perspective

A webinar from the International Federation on Ageing, in collaboration with Grantmakers In Aging

This webinar was presented  to help participants gain insight into the sustainability of Age-friendly City and Community (AFCC) initiatives. This sustainability is driven by strategic planning that is firmly based on a community assessment of the environment that has buy-in and support from the appropriate level of government, successful implementation and a finely tuned method of evaluation to inform further development. This presentation provided a better understanding of a framework that takes into consideration communities views and values, changing nature of demography, the available resources, and how milestones unfold overtime in keeping with changes in the social and political environment. Presenter: Ms Gail Kohn, the Age-Friendly DC Coordinator since mid-2013. Webinar date: July 31, 2015. A recording of this webinar is available free to IFA members and for purchase by non-members at http://www.ifa-fiv.org/afcc-webinar-31-july-2015/.


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