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Preparing the Age Friendly Workforce

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Preparing the Workforce to Care for Us as We Age

As we age, our health care needs change. The complex needs of older adults with chronic conditions and multiple medications are unique and the health care workforce must be well prepared to provide this care. The Eldercare Workforce Alliance (EWA) has arranged a panel of experts to discuss programs that address key components of training this workforce to care for all of us as we age. Speakers discussed key programs that train the direct care, the primary care and health system workforce. EWA, a GIA member, is a coalition of 31 national organizations – representing consumers, family caregivers, the direct care workforce, health care professionals, and providers -- joined together to develop and implement policy solutions that advance a well-trained and sufficient workforce. Part of our "Conversations with GIA" series supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation. Webinar date: September 6, 2018.


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