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Elder Economic Disparity

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The Problem and Workable Approaches

A "Conversations With GIA" webinar

This webinar addressed the very real problem of economic insecurity for many older adults who lack the money to have decent housing, affordable health care, food, and transportation. This economic insecurity can lead to homelessness, poor health, social isolation, malnutrition, and shorter life spans. The extent of the problem, workable approaches, and the philanthropic approach to working with agencies to improve economic security was discussed. Presenters: Ramsey Alwin, Director, Thought Leadership - Financial Resilience, AARP; Roslyn Quarto, Executive Director, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People; Naomi Stanhaus, Program Consultant, The Retirement Research Foundation. Moderator: John Feather, PhD, CEO, Grantmakers In Aging. Sponsored by The John A. Hartford Foundation, and co-sponsors, The Retirement Research Foundation, AARP, and Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People. Webinar date: April 22, 2016. View a recording at https://youtu.be/q4srmNE6Zr4.


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