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How to Achieve Large-Scale Impact

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A New Strategy for Funders

A "Conversations with GIA" webinar

Funders often support the development of important new social innovations, only to see them wither away after initial support ends. How can we take new programs that are proven successful and help them grow to be large scale? This webinar introduced "The Scaling Marketplace," an exciting new way for foundations to achieve greater impact through their grantmaking. An initiative of the Social Impact Exchange, The Scaling Marketplace helps to build a growth capital marketplace that connects funders to effective nonprofits that are scaling their work in health or education. Presenter Alex Rossides, CEO and co-founder of the Exchange, gave an overview of the model and the investments currently offered through the Scaling Marketplace, with a particular focus on those that benefit aging adults in the U.S. Presenter Christopher Langston, Program Director, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Chair of the GIA Board of Directors, shared his experience as one of the original members of the Scaling Marketplace’s Health Working Group and how his participation has supported his foundation’s goals. Sponsors: The John A. Hartford Foundation and The Social Impact Exchange. Webinar date: Tues, Oct. 7, 2014. View a recording of the session at https://youtu.be/3D-su-pRhSU.


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