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Impacting the Graying of HIV & AIDS

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A "Conversations with GIA" webinar

This webinar looked at the changing face of HIV and aging, including how HIV manifests among older adults, with emphasis on its impact on diverse racial, ethnic, and geographical communities. It reviewed the impact funders and their community partners are already making, including what interventions have been most effective in addressing health disparities and what additional strategies are needed to improve outcomes for older people affected by HIV. The webinar also delved into how these issues play out at the federal policy level, tying policy change back to the lived experiences of older people and the most effective “on the ground” interventions. Presenters: Mark Bennan-Ing, Director for Research and Evaluation, ACRIA, Center on HIV and Aging, New York University College of Nursing; Aaron Tax, Director of Federal Government Relations, Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE); Ben De Guzman, National Managing Coordinator, Diverse Elders Coalition; Paul Di Donato, Director, Proteus Fund Initiative; and Johanna Osburn (CCed), ED of the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. Moderator: John Feather, CEO, Grantmakers In Aging. Webinar date: September 21, 2015. A recording of this webinar is available, https://youtu.be/RiKOq67VNRI.


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