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New Models for Senior Transportation

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The Rise of the Sharing Economy

A "Conversations with GIA" webinar

Transportation remains a top issue for older people in all settings, urban, suburban, or rural. The lack of affordable, accessible, and appropriate transportation often means that older adults are isolated in their homes when they lose the ability to drive. One potential solution is the rapid growth of the “sharing economy,” in which technology links people who want to offer a service and those who need that service. The best known examples are home sharing programs (Airbnb) and transportation sharing (Lyft). Could this be a model to better serve older adults in the future? This webinar explores the possibilities and implications and discusses a number of important initiatives already underway throughout the country. Presenters: Dan Trigub, Head of Elder Mobility at Lyft; Stephen Ewell, Executive Director, Consumer Technology Association Foundation. Moderator: John Feather, PhD., Chief Executive Officer, Grantmakers In Aging. Co-Sponsored by: Consumer Technology Association Foundation and The John A. Hartford Foundation. Webinar date: May 4, 2017. Watch the recording below or on the GIA YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/O3TTrPWAT0M


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