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Older Adults, Disasters and Philanthropy

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A webinar from Grantmakers In Aging

This webinar looked at Typhoon Haiyan and Superstorm Sandy, stark reminders that even in the most horrific disasters, older adults are disproportionately affected. Why were older adults particularly vulnerable in disaster? What were the implications for immediate response and the long-term recovery process? Can planning and preparation mitigate these vulnerabilities? What was disaster risk reduction and how might it affect older adults? What were some of the challenges in responding to the needs of older adults after a disaster? How can philanthropy respond to these unexpected events in ways that target and support older adults through the recovery process? Presenter Jenny Campbell, PhD, GIA Program Evaluator for Community AGEnda and Adjunct Faculty, Graduate School of Social Work, Bryn Mawr College, spearheaded GIA's response to Hurricane Katrina. Presenter Mark Gorman is Director of Strategic Development for HelpAge International. They shared best practices for helping communities and philanthropists respond to the needs of older adults in times of catastrophic events. HelpAge, a leading international charity focused on the elderly, was on the ground in the Philippines immediately following Typhoon Haiyan, where they are working closely with their local partner, Coalition of Services for the Elderly. Sponsor: The John A. Hartford Foundation. Webinar date: Monday, Feb. 24, 2014. View a recording of the webinar at, https://youtu.be/tN8pFt3J9RM.


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