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Retirement Income Crisis and Social Security

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Creating Story-Warriors to Win the Fight

A "Conversations with GIA" webinar

As traditional sources of retirement security such as pensions, personal savings, and home values have eroded, and wages across most of the income spectrum have stagnated for over four decades, America is facing a retirement security crisis. For vulnerable populations, and for much of the middle class, Social Security is now the only remaining reliable source of retirement income. Yet Social Security finds itself in the crosshairs of Congressional budget cutters. This "Conversations with GIA" webinar presented the latest data on what is at stake for vulnerable populations and the middle class in the Social Security debate. It also addressed how support for Social Security can be buoyed through the power of narrative, by training Americans to effectively tell their stories and create opportunities and forums where they can share these stories of what Social Security and the retirement income crisis means to them. Presenters:  Nancy Altman & Eric Kingson, Co-Directors of Strengthen Social Security; and Benjamin Veghte, Vice President of Policy, National Academy of Social Insurance. Special thanks to our sponsors, The John A. Hartford Foundation and The Atlantic Philanthropies. Webinar date: August 12, 2013. Watch it here: https://youtu.be/2O7NGrzy_jg.



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