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The Value of Senior Entrepreneurship

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An EngAGEment Webinar

Today's senior entrepreneurs are creating a whole new paradigm for aging. The world is beginning to recognize seniors as assets and not liabilities - and it's not a moment too soon! Presenters Michael Corley of The Patterson Foundation and Elizabeth Isele, Co-Founder of Senior Entrepreneurship Works (SavvySeniorsWork.org) led this webinar, which provided an overview of the social, economic and environmental impact of senior entrepreneurship in the US today, covering how to identify senior entrepreneurs, how to foster multigenerational entrepreneurship, how to harness the individual and collective experience of older adults to boost prosperity for all ages, and how to build ­an infrastructure of cross-sector support (programs, capitalization, policy and research) to nourish and sustain senior entrepreneurship. This EngAGEment Webinar is from the Southeastern Council of Foundations. Webinar date: December 18, 2013. View the recording at https://youtu.be/YddhLXzYULk.


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