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"For All Ages": The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan

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Do you want to make an impact? Include aging in your portfolio. The number of older adults in America is growing fast, giving grantmakers countless opportunities to make a difference in this area.

For grantmakers interested in health, community development, the arts, and more, aging offers a natural extension of your programs. For All Ages: The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan is an invaluable resource for funders exploring the possibility of expanding their funding to encompass aging.

Want to find out more? Start with Aging 101. Or, take a look at sections devoted to funding in particular topics, such as Health, Education, Communities, Children, Youth & Families, and Arts & Culture. We hope you find the Guide helpful, and would love to help you begin your journey into the field of aging.

Aging influences nearly every aspect of our communities. The opportunities are limitless, the benefits are powerful, the time is now.

John Feather, PhD
CEO, Grantmakers In Aging


For All Ages: The GIA Guide to Funding Across the Lifespan was developed and much of the content was written by Margaret J. Roberts, with the generous help and input of many others.

GIA wishes to thank all who contributed writing and editing, including Sheri Steinig of Generations United, Judy Goggin of Civic Ventures, Nancy Henkin of The Intergenerational Center at Temple University, Barbara Greenberg and Jan Schwarz of the Philanthropic Group, and Alecia Torres de Valdez of The National Center for Creative Aging.

GIA would also like to thank those who reviewed sections in For All Ages, including Cathy Boyer-Shesol of the Mid-America Regional Council, Katie Midgley of the Plough Foundation, and consultants Marilyn Stein LeFeber and Betsy Sprouse.

The many foundations, nonprofits, agencies, and others who contributed information, funding examples, photos, quotes, opinions, and ideas have all played an essential role in improving For All Ages and their generosity is much appreciated.


Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.