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Education ... and aging

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Experience Corps

Experience Corps

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Education is not only a vital part of a community’s health; it is a process that enriches the lives of anyone who pursues new knowledge, skills, or even their next degree or a new career. The aging of our communities is creating many new opportunities for educators, younger students, and older people alike.

Education does not stop at a certain age. Many older adults continue to thrive on mental stimulation and there are quite a few program models designed to meet the interests of older learners.

Older adults also serve as a rich resource of tutors, mentors, and teachers in our communities. Many communities have been successful in engaging the support of local older adults by involving them directly in schools. Not only are they recruiting older community members to volunteer, but they are also offering adult education programs or even locating a senior center in a school.

Funders can play a pivotal role in helping their communities identify and leverage these opportunities for old and young alike.

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