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Start Funding in Aging

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How to get started

Experience Corps

Experience Corps

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Older adults are a growing and influential population in most U.S. towns and cities. Why is aging an important issue in your community? To get a “lay of the land,” gather some basic demographic information about older adults, especially older people in your target community or region. Consider a presentation to key decision-makers within your foundation. Create some simple charts with demographic information and show a video such as The Big Idea in 4 Minutes—Coming of Age In Aging America.

If your foundation is new to funding in aging, you’ll probably want to determine the needs of the older population in your service area. You can conduct a community needs assessment, but an easier approach is to first determine what data and information are already available about older adults in your locale.

Regardless of your approach, some or all of these actions may be useful as you begin to think about aging.  

Gather information about older adults   

Examine your foundation

Connect with local funders in aging

Choose a focus

Consult the experts

Engage decisionmakers

Add aging to your grantmaking


This section was written by Barbara R. Greenberg and Jan Schwarz of The Philanthropic Group.


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