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Work and transitions ... and aging

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New directions in work

Civic Ventures

Civic Ventures

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The impact of increased longevity and the recent recession has contributed to a trend of longer working lives in the older population. As a result, many older adults need to update their skills or retrain for new work opportunities.

Others are searching for an encore career—a term used to describe work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater meaning, and social impact. In many communities, local colleges, universities, or other private organizations provide a variety of courses, degree programs, and other training opportunities designed to help older adults remain in the workforce and/or pursue their encore career.

Grantmakers can support efforts that help adults over 50 learn new skills that help keep them in the workforce. Local support is also needed to help people make transitions to encore work and help social sector employers tap this rich talent. For more resources, please explore:

Retooling and retraining for work

Encore careers



Information on new directions in work for this section was developed by Judy Goggin, Vice President, Civic Ventures.


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