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Leveraging Public-Private Funds to Improve Health

This article explains a unique grant designed to address rural health needs, the Rural Health Care Coordination Network Partnership Program (RHCCNPP). The grant is a result of a partnership between federal agencies, philanthropy groups, and healthcare representatives. Designed to support chronic care delivery models, the grant is focused on three specific chronic diseases — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, and diabetes.

Source: Rural Health Information Hub   May 2017

Rural Opioid Prevention and Treatment Strategies: The Experience in Four States

This working paper from Maine Rural Health Research Center looks at strategies being implemented by four states with large rural populations who are working to address opioid use disorders (OUDs). Residents in rural communities battling OUDs tend to have numerous socioeconomic barriers to accessing treatment and recovery resources, making the example of effective efforts in North Carolina, Vermont, Washington State, and Indiana vital to making progress across the country.

Source: Maine Rural Health Research Center   April 2017

The Opioid Menace

This special report from AARP delves into the numbers behind addiction to prescription drugs among older adults in America. Includes compelling data on hospitalization rates due to opioid abuse, the numbers around opioid overdose related deaths, and the root behind much of this addiction - legitimately prescribed painkillers.

Source: AARP   June 2017

Memory Cafes

Memory Cafes are gathering places designed as a social outlet for people with Alzheimer’s or any of the dementias, and their caregivers. These Cafes offer a place to listen to music, play games, socialize, and share community with those living with memory loss and other cognitive challenges. Usually located in libraries, houses of worship, or community centers, these Cafes are often run by social workers, medical professionals or other families living with dementia. This resource provides a directory of active Memory Cafes across the U.S. and information on starting a Cafe in your area.

Source: KalendarKards LLC  

What is Dementia?

This posting by the Alzheimer's Association explains the term of dementia to better clarify for the general public. Often referred to as a disease, dementia is actually not a disease but rather a condition that describes a wide range of symptoms associated with a severe decline in memory or other thinking skills. This post provides information on the symptoms of dementia and the impairment associated with this condition.

Source: Alzheimer's Association  


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