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I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old, and What We Can Achieve Together

This new report from Generations United and The Eisner Foundation, highlights national examples of pioneers reuniting the generations and making their communities better places to live. It includes a results from a public opinion survey on how Americans of all ages feel about the younger and older generations uniting. Based on survey findings and featured organizations, the report highlights inventive, intergenerational solutions and actionable ways to harness the benefits of connecting generations.

Source: Generations United, Eisner Foundation   May 2017

I Need You, You Need Me Executive Summary

This version of the report "I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old, and What We can Achieve Together" offers an Executive Summary of the findings by Generations United and The Eisner Foundation regarding the benefits of building intergenerational relationships. The summary includes information on the impact of age segregation, the effects of intergenerational programs on communities for people of all ages, and ideas for uniting the generations.

Source: Generations United, Eisner Foundation   May 2017

Loneliness & the Aging Population, How Businesses & Governments Can Address a Looming Crisis

This new research from IBM's Institute for Business Value "Loneliness & the Aging Population, How Businesses & Governments Can Address a Looming Crisis" explores steps businesses and governments can take to impact older adults in this arena. Left unaddressed, the emerging risk factors of loneliness will have substantial implications for personal, economic and societal wellbeing. Countermeasures are needed or older adults face continued detachment and society as a whole faces an array of ripple effects. This report features findings about the hidden costs of loneliness, the invisibility of active, thriving older adults in popular culture, and obstacles to taking action.

Source: IBM Institute for Business Value   May 2017

OUTAging: Summit on Our Possibilities will take place May 23 – 25, 2017. The summit will open with a reception at Affinity Community Services, located in Bronzeville on Chicago’s south side. The remainder of the summit will take place at a loop location hosted by AARP. The summit is being organized by a small, diverse planning committee that includes LGBTQ older adults. The first full day of the summit is free and for LGBTQ older adults who are not paid staff of service providers or related institutions. Registration for the second day requires a nominal fee to help cover expenses and is open to anyone, but is targeted to service providers, researchers, funders, policy makers and others whose work or interests include improving outcomes for LGBTQ older adults. The goals of OUTAging are to: •Create a platform that centers the voices and experiences of LGBTQ older adults to shed light on the issues they face and gaps in services, resources and opportunities, •Provide a diverse and inclusive forum for redefining aging and care and •Develop an agenda for advocacy, resources and inclusion with and for LGBTQ older adults.

Framing Strategies to Advance Aging & Address Ageism as a Policy Issue

This brief lays out an approach to changing public thinking about aging in America, with a goal to increase public support for policies and practices that can be advanced to support a robust, healthy, age-integrated society. The brief looks at three key concepts: patterns in public thinking limit the policy climate, the priorities for building public understanding, and proven communication techniques which expand people’s thinking about aging and aging policies.

Source: FrameWorks Institute   February 2017