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Summit on Opioid and Tobacco Addiction for Indiana Funders: Selected Examples of Current Funders

This report provides examples of funders from Indiana and around the country that are addressing opioid and tobacco use in their communities in a variety of ways. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of funding initiatives, it does represent a range of the ways in which different types of funders have supported strategies to reduce opioid and tobacco use.

Source: Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation   September 2016

To whom it may concern: My wife, Donna, was an Alzheimer’s caregiver for her mother, and her experience showed her that there are precious few resources for children regarding Alzheimer’s disease. This prompted her to write a book to help children cope with the shock and trauma of having an elder family member, afflicted with Alzheimer’s, move into the home. The book is unique in its first person approach and in the issues it addresses. We believe that this book would be of great benefit to the many families who must deal with this issue on a day-to-day basis. We’d like to submit a copy for your review, and if you believe it would be beneficial, that you add it to your library system or any list of suggested reading materials that you offer to the public. We will be donating ten percent of the profits specifically toward Alzheimer’s caregiver resources. Thanks for the work you do. Regards, John J. Dube

Muchgames.com is one of the oldest free game sites on the web. We are pleased to announce a brand new $1,500 research grant for students interested in researching the social and psychological effects of video game addiction.

Aging Readiness & Competitiveness Report 2017

Contained within the Aging Readiness and Competitiveness (ARC) Report, you'll find an in-depth study of aging policy in 12 countries conducted by AARP and FP Analytics. The ARC Report examines the pressures and opportunities each country faces, as well as their policy responses in four pillars: Community Social Infrastructure, Productive Opportunity, Technological Engagement, and Healthcare and Wellness. A particular focus is aimed at policy innovations engaging a healthier, more independent older population and unleashing the productive and economic potential resident among them.

Source: AARP, FP Analytics   June 2017

I Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old, and What We Can Achieve Together

This new report from Generations United and The Eisner Foundation, highlights national examples of pioneers reuniting the generations and making their communities better places to live. It includes a results from a public opinion survey on how Americans of all ages feel about the younger and older generations uniting. Based on survey findings and featured organizations, the report highlights inventive, intergenerational solutions and actionable ways to harness the benefits of connecting generations.

Source: Generations United, Eisner Foundation   May 2017


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