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Issue Briefs to help you increase your impact

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GIA's Issue Brief series can help you respond to the transformational aging of the American population, whether you are already committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, promoting education, supporting children, youth and families, or addressing health concerns.

The GIA Issue Briefs series is organized into six basic categories:

Community Life, which includes briefs on Affordable Housing, Age-friendly Places, Transportation, and Volunteer Driver Programs.

Societal Concerns, which includes brifs on Diverse Elders, Elder Abuse, Financial Exploitation, Hunger, and Older Workers

Caregiving, which includes briefs on Family Caregiving, and Health Monitoring Technology

Humanities, which includes briefs on Arts & Culture, and Education

Social Connections, which includes briefs on Children, Youth & Families, and Economic Security

Health, which includes briefs on Disability, Frail Elders, Healthy Aging, Hospice Care, Mental Health, and Vision