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Become a member of Grantmakers In Aging

Explore our membership brochure explaining the many benefits of joining GIA.

We also recently began offering a new category, Affiliate Membership, which we invite you to explore by clicking here.

When you're ready to join, please download our membership application and return it, with your check, to:

Grantmakers In Aging
2001 Jefferson Davis Highway
Suite 504
Arlington, VA 22202

For questions related to membership, contact:

Maria Gonzales Jackson, Director of Programs and Membership
Tel: 703.413.0413 (direct) and 301.233.2867 (cell)
Email: mgonzalesjackson@giaging.org


GIA is an association of private grantmakers (as distinguished from government-funded). Grantmaking organizations are eligible to join GIA. Membership dues are renewable annually and are based on the organization's total grants from the previous year in the field of aging.

Membership is open to any of the following organizations or individuals whose principal function is the making of charitable grants. These include:

  • Community foundations
  • Corporate or "company-sponsored" foundations
  • Corporate giving programs
  • Independent or private foundations, including family foundations
  • Private operating foundations
  • Public foundations
  • Private and Public charities
  • Social venture capital groups
  • Bank trust departments or trust companies that administer charitable trusts or foundations making grants for charitable purposes 
  • Individual philanthropists
  • Other organizations that meet the criteria below 

Members of GIA must meet the following criteria:  

The organization’s principal function is the making of charitable grants (with the exception of operating foundations).

  • the organization meets the following requirements (if the previous year’s activities do not meet the requirements below, membership may be granted based upon a three-year average of activity);
  • the organization’s annual grant distributions are primarily made on a discretionary basis (e.g. not exclusively by a predetermined formula) to multiple organizations that are not subsidiary or related to the grantmakers; and
  • the organization’s annual grant expenditures (grants, related program costs, administrative costs for administering grants) must equal at least 50% of its annual budget (in the case of a corporation, the "organization" refers to the giving unit’s budget and not the entire corporation).

Note: Newly established organizations that would meet these requirements when fully operational are, subject to annual review, eligible for membership at the minimum dues. When an organization begins making grants, dues are paid on the regular dues scale.

* NEW Membership Category:  Affiliate Member *

GIA invites National non-profit organizations to join as affiliate members of our association.  When you're ready to join, please download our affiliate membership application, and send back with payment to:

Grantmakers In Aging
2001 Jefferson Davis Highway
Suite 504
Arlington, VA 22202

Affiliate members of GIA must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization is a non-profit entity that is national in scope of its mission and services committed to improving the experience of aging.
  • The organization provides grants to local community based organizations, social service agencies, and non-profit groups that provide services that address the needs of older adults and their caregivers is the making of charitable grants.
  • The organization issues funds on a discretionary basis annually to multiple entities.

NOTE: Foundations, corporate giving programs, or individual philanthropists who qualify for full membership are not eligible to join as an “Affiliate Member.”