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Preparing for Aging Populations in America's Cities

Preparing for Aging Populations in America's Cities is the result of a survey of more than 100 cities throughout the United States. Produced by the Conference of Mayors, in partnership with AARP, the goal of this report was to identify resources, policy changes, and infrastructure investments mayors and cities need to help older Americans age in place, and stay active members of their communities. Nine key issue areas were evaluated, revealing the priorities of our nation’s mayors and what they believe are the issues that matter most to their constituents.

Source: The United States Conference of Mayors   January 2017

Aging, Agency, and Attribution of Responsibility: Shifting Public Discourse about Older Adults

This FrameWorks Institute report is the second in the ReFraming Aging initiative. (The first was Gauging Aging: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understandings of Aging in America). It analyzes media and advocacy organizations’ narratives about aging with the goal of suggesting communications strategies. In keeping with the scholarly literature on narrative, FrameWorks defines a complete narrative as one that defines a problem or issue, states why this is a matter of concern, explains who or what causes the problem, provides a clear vision of an improved outcome, and delineates concrete actions that can be taken to remediate the problem. A central finding in this report is that a substantial amount of the information being communicated about aging and older adults in America is not organized as narrative in either media or advocacy materials.

Source: The FrameWorks Institute   September 2015

USDA Rural Development 2016 Progress Report

"USDA Rural Development’s investment portfolio is almost $216 billion; roughly equal to that of the nation’s 14th largest bank. But the real power behind the success of our loan, grant, and technical assistance programs is our partnerships with other people and providers. We have entered into partnerships at all levels—from ones in Washington, D.C., like the White House Rural Council, to ones with rural foundations and our lending partners, to grassroots projects between local USDA Rural Development employees and hometown nonprofits, real estate agents, and home builders." Foreword by Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, and Lisa Mensah, USDA Rural Development Under Secretary. Include a state-by-state progress report and thematic sections on housing, economic development, poverty, tribal nations, jobs, business, energy, and utilities.

Source: USDA Rural Development  

Northland Foundation Rural Aging Initiative

The Northland Foundation launched its Rural Aging Initiative in 2014, with generous funding support from the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. The close of this three year program offers the opportunity to take a look back and see how the Initiative fulfilled its purpose of impacting rural aging, helping older adults live full, meaningful lives within rural communities. To that end, a resource document has been compiled to share lessons learned and help guide future work. Focus areas include: strengthen the region’s nonprofits and community partners serving older adults and caregivers; increase active engagement and social connectedness among older people; and the Foundation’s model of residential assisted living for older adults and the role it can play in social and emotional wellbeing

Source: Northland Foundation  

The Power of Purposeful Aging: Culture Change and the New Demography

With people living longer than ever and the world’s older population expanding at an unprecedented rate, the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging convened the Purposeful Aging Summit in Los Angeles in 2016. Thought leaders from public policy, business, academia, philanthropy, and media gathered to discuss reframing perceptions of aging in the 21st century. This report, The Power of Purposeful Aging: Culture Change and the New Demography, summarizes the themes, findings, and vision of the Purposeful Aging Summit. See page 23 for GIA's John Feather's contribution on the role of philanthropy.

Source: Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging   December 2016