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The inside track on philanthropy and aging

Grantmakers In Aging has unique resources to help you navigate the world of aging and philanthropy, including a number of our own publications.

These include our e-newsletter, Aging Matters, as well as the Letter from the CEO, John Feather, PhD.

Recent Publications

Here are some resources, commissioned by GIA, that may be helpful.

Evaluation Brief of the EngAGEment Initiative

This document provides an overview of the EngAGEment model, the initiative's impact on funding for aging, and its accomplishments.  

What Should We Fund? Assessing Community Needs Using Available Data
This helpful PPT presentation, developed by Betsy Sprouse, provides useful insights for funders trying to better understand what their community needs and how to identify effective program options.  If you would like to use any of the hyperlinks in the presentation, use this pdf version.

Social Impact Bonds
This paper examines how Social impact Bonds, a new investment tool available to grantmakers, can help leverage private sector funds to increase the success of public sector programs. The following information is a summary for grantmaking organizations about Social Impact Bonds and how they can be used. It was prepared by Seth Snyder, Class of 2014 at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, in consultation with GIA CEO John Feather.

Issue briefs

Through its EngAGEment Initiative, GIA has also developed a series of six Issue Briefs. Designed to introduce funders to the many issues surrounding aging, the Briefs provide an overview of aging as a funding area with statistics, links, and funding opportunities.

Silver to Gold Issue Brief focuses on aging demographics in the United States.

Funding Across Lifespan Issue Brief explores opportunities for funders to become involved with aging, no matter what their current funding priorities.

Linking Generations for a Stronger Community Issue Brief focuses on intergenerational programming.

Home for Life Issue Brief covers programs involving aging in place.

Promoting Health, Strengthening Communities Issue Brief is based on GIA's Regional Issues Forum in Atlanta and provides ideals for funding health-related projects.

Quality of Life Through End of Life Care Issue Brief is full of suggestions to support end of life and palliative care efforts.

GIA Highlights

The GIA highlights document is one of the hallmarks of GIA’s annual conference. Each year it records the conference proceedings and provides a digest of the latest ideas and programs with insights from leaders and practitioners in the field. 

Growing Up, Growing Older: GIA 2013 Highlights

Is This What CHANGE Feels Like?: GIA 2012 Highlights

Aging Power: GIA 2011 Highlights

Seize the Moment: GIA 2010 Highlights

Blazing Trails: GIA 2009 Highlights