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Initiatives to Improve Aging

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As part of its commitment to improving the experience of aging, GIA has launched a number of initiatives in partnership with outside funders. These efforts seek to generate new ideas and raise awareness of critical societal issues while supporting a dramatic increase in the country's philanthropic commitment to the issues of aging.

GIA's Age-Friendly Initiative has engaged multiple partners and funders to not just expand funding, but to change and energize local approaches to age-friendly communities. Find resources here.

Rural Aging Initiative: GIA is currently leading a multi-year effort to connect and support key players concerned with rural aging, and ultimately expand resources and services for older adults in rural areas. Find resources here

Engaging Philanthropy in Complex Care: GIA is working with the Six Foundations Collaborative to help funders identify opportunities to improve care for people with the most complex health and social needs by supporting health system transformation and scaling and spreading evidence-based delivery models. 

ReFraming Aging Initiative draws on original social science research commissioned by the Leaders of Aging Organizations and funded by several GIA members, to create a better public understanding of older adults’ needs and contributions to society, strengthen aging-related communications, and subsequently improve the lives of all people as they age. Find resources here

The EngAGEment Initiative leveraged challenge grants to help teams expand local funding for older adults. The project resulted in more than $5.3 million granted from 22 foundations to address aging-related projects. 




Help us pursue our mission and strengthen grantmaking to support the needs and potential of older people.